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Main » 2008 » Gruodis » 8 » Wrestlingo Naujienos 2008-12-08
Wrestlingo Naujienos 2008-12-08

1. Vincas buvo labai nepatenkintas praeitos savaites show tad jis atliko kai kuries bookeriu pakeitimus.

2. " Karsciausia Kanados moteriska zvaidzde " buvo isrinkta Leah Miller jeigu ne Leah Trish Stratus butu laimejusi sias varzybas.

3. TNA ruosiasi vienam vakarui i TNA show pakviest WWE buvusi wrestleri
Al Snow. Al Snow dar neapsisprende ar tikrai bus per TNA show.

4. Jau pareiksta, kad Stone Cold dalyvaus per 2009 metu WWE Hall Of Fame renyni.

5. WWE komentatorius Jim Ross pareiske, kad nenustebs, kad dar pries
Wrestlemania XXV WWE patirs ekonomine krize.

6. O stai ir TNA Final Resoliution rezultatai :

Feast or Fired Match
Cute Kip, Sonjay Dut, Jimmy Rave, Lance Rock, Alex Shelley, BG James, Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Curry Man, Homicide, Hernandez, and Shark Boy.

Case Winners: Hernandez, Curry Man, Jay Lethal, Homicide
Jay Lethal won a tag team title shot

6 Person Tag
Taylor Wilde, Roxxi, and ODB def. Beautiful People and Sharmell

X Division Championship
Eric Young def. Sheik Abdul Bashir
Young new champion

Women's Championship
Christy Hemme def. Awesome Kong via DQ
Kong still champion

Tag Team Championship
Beer Money Inc. def. Abyss and Matt Morgan
Beer Money retains

Mick Foley Special Referee
Kurt Angle def. Rhino
Al Snow distracted Foley, then Angle hit Rhino with a chair then got the 3 count.
Angle gets a rematch with Jeff Jarrett.

TNA Championship
Main Event Mafia def. TNA Front Line
Sting pinned Samoa Joe to retain the title
Sting then walked out on MEM as they celebrated in the ring.

7. Stai ka sake WWE komentatorius Jim Ross per rytine radio show laida apie Christian Cage ir Gail Kim atejima i WWE :

"He’s a quality human being,” Ross said regarding Cage. "As far as I know he still works for TNA. If he comes to WWE I’m sure he’s going to be given great opportunities and knowing him he’ll take advantage of them. Same with Gail Kim. She’s not quite on the level, we’re talking about a Kurt Angle or Christian but in the Diva realm, she’s certainly established a great reputation and a great following for her work that she has done for the last couple of years. She’s improved immensely. So all those people, anytime you can find people that can help your team, you should pursue it.”

8. WWE ir vel kviete Hulk Hogan pasirodyti per Tribute to The Troops show, bet Hulkas nesutiko, nes jo sunus Nick Hogan neseniai buvo paleistas is kalejimo ir jam dabar negalima isvaziuot is šalies.

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