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Main » 2008 » Gruodis » 7 » Wrestlingo Naujienos 2008-12-07
Wrestlingo Naujienos 2008-12-07

1. J.R. Komentavo apie kai kurias TNA zvaigzdes palikusias WWE.

"As far as I know he still works for TNA. If he comes to WWE I'm sure he's going to be given great opportunities and knowing him he'll take advantage of them. Same with Gail Kim. She's not quite on the level, we're talking about a Kurt Angle or Christian but in the Diva realm, she's certainly established a great reputation and a great following for her work that she has done for the last couple of years. She's improved immensely. So all those people, anytime you can find people that can help your team, you should pursue.

2. Dar daugiau metu nominaciju :

Best WWE.com Exclusive:
Cryme Tyme's "Word Up!"
The Miz and John Morrison present "The Dirt Sheet"
 Santino's Casa
Out-think the Fink

Breakout Star of the Year:
 Kofi Kingston
 Vladimir Koslov
 Evan Bourne
 Ted Dibiase

Best Musical Performance:
 R-Truth's Entrance )
Santino rapping to Akon
-Edge singing "Heaven" to Vickie 
 The Miz and John Morrison rap

Announce Team of the Year:
 Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole
 Jim Ross and Tazz
 Matt Striker and Todd Grisham

Best Impersonation:
 Charlie Haas as "Haas" Hogan
Charlie Haas as "CHL"
 Charlie Haas as "The Glamahass"
Charlie Haas as Mr Perfect

3. WWE legenda Rody Piper sake, kad jam labai patiko filmas The Wrestler ir jis sake kad su dziaugsmu si filma paziuretu dar karta.

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Jis dar neisleistas

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Reikes Atsisiusti filma The Wrestlers.

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Gerai, kad verti naujienas.

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