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Main » 2008 » Lapkritis » 30 » Wrestlingo Naujienos 2008-11-29
Wrestlingo Naujienos 2008-11-29

1. Suprantant tai, kad Cena kovos pries Jericho per Armageddon PPV del WHC Championshipo, Cena pradedant kita savaite kovos daug daugiau su Ortonu negu su Jericho taipogi skelbiama jog Orton isimaisys i Y2J ir Cenos fueda. Jericho dar manomas pagrindinis Cenos oponentas, bet bookeriu nuomone gali keistis jeu greitai.
2. Shane Helms pasidare didziule tatuiruote ant savo nugaros ant kurios didelem raidem parasyta jo pavarde.
3. Umaga buvo sios savaites show po traumos kuria patyre kovodamas pries Jeff Hardy, bet jo dar nenaudojo. Ji i ringa paleist ruosiasi kitos savaites show ir jam ruosiamas fuedas su Undartaker.
4. Kitos savaites iMPACT! show ruosiama paleist Sarah Palin.
5. Japonu legendinis heelas Masahiro Chono sake, kad noretu, kad Kevin Nash butu jo team per Tokyo Dome show. Taip pat jis sake, kad noretu buti TNA Main Event Mafia narys.
6. In Your Head kompanija paeme interviu is Kenny Dykstra. Siame interviu jis pasakoja apie Spirit Squad, dirbima su DX komanda ir t.t. Stai interviu :

About the Spirit Squad
He says that when he first heard about the gimmick from Vince, he thought it was a rib (a joke played on wrestlers), but after a while he started to like the idea. He said he wanted to turn the Spirit Squad into babyfaces in time, but that idea was shoved off the table, because DX was active at that point, and they didn't want too much face teams. Which brings me to the second point.

About working with DX
He has nothing good to say about working with DX. All the guys were excited to be able to work with HBK, HHH and Flair at such a young age. They would fight over who would be allowed to take the Sweet Chin Music that night.

About being sued by a fan
Kenny was standing at a red light, when a fan asked him to sign a poster. However, it was a DX poster, his feud partners at that time, and he didn't feel like signing that, so he threw the poster out of the window, and took off. He was later informed by the office that the fan sued him and claimed Kenny punched him in the face (which wasn't true). It was eventually thrown out of court, but the funny thing might be that outside of the court house, that same fan came up to Kenny again and asked him to sign a DVD.

About applying to WWE when he was 13
Kenny said that as a 13 year old boy he walked into the WWE headquarters and asked for a job application. They told him that was not how things worked and he then signed in to Killer Kowalski's wrestling school to train and become a wrestler.

About getting fired
Kenny says he was surprised he got fired by WWE, but he knew what was going on when they called him on a Monday morning.

About his future
He's still not sure about his future. He could go to TNA, or perhaps join a Japanese federation. He however makes it clear that he would love to wrestle against legends Sting and Angle, and fight in the six sided ring.

And to finish: a rib story
Kenny talked about a rib the Spirit Squad pulled on the Big Show. They put a sandwich in the middle of the ring, attached to a lasso, before the match started. When Show tried to grab the sandwich, they would pull the lasso, but the plan failed big time. Show ended up chasing them around the ring and beat them up throughout the entire match.

7. WWE.com yra sukurtas balsavimas kas turetu valdyti RAW, Shane McMahon ar Stephanie McMahon.
8. Rey Mysterio kita pavasari kontrkatas baigesi su WWE. Dabar jam WWE siulo paisrasyt kontrakta 5 metam, bet Rey nori pasirasyt kontrakta 3 metam. Taip dar ir nenuspresta keliem metasm jis pasirasys kontrakta.
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