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WWE RAW: Ultimate Impact 2010 (PC) v2.0
[ ] 2010-09-23, 23:58

This simulator wrestling will truly feel like a superstar professional league fights without rules, providing unprecedented control capabilities. Now you can break his opponent's face, to show different tricks and much more. New game WWE RAW: Ultimate Impact 2010 v2.0 includes many wrestlers, such as Sheamus, Drew Mcintyre, Yoshi Tatsu, and many others! Also there is a new theme show Raw.


Zack Ryder  
Yoshi Tatsu  
William Regal  
Vladimir kozlov  
The Undertaker  
The Miz  
The great Khali  
Triple H  
Tommy Dreamer  
Ted Dibiase  
Dolph Ziggler  
Shelton Benjamin  
Shawn Michaels  
Santino Marella  
Rey Mysterio  
Randy Orton  
Matt Hardy  
Mark Henry  
Kofi Kingston  
John Morrison  
John Cena  
Drew Mcintyre  
Jeff Hardy  
Jack Swagger  
The Hurricane  
Ezekiel Jackson  
Evan Bourne  
Cody Rhodes  
CM Punk  
Chris Masters  
Chris Jericho  
Chavo Guerrero  
The Big Show  


(.rar) 805mb



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