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Super Dragon
[ ] 2009-08-23, 18:59

Sorry no appearance

Front Weak Grapple-
Front Weak Grapple [A]:
Front Weak Grapple [Left or right + A]: Arm Drag
Front Weak Grapple [Up + A]: Elbow Strike
Front Weak Grapple [Down + A]: Scoop Slam
Front Weak Grapple : Mini Shin Kicks
Front Weak Grapple [Left or right + B]: Chop Down
Front Weak Grapple [Up + B]: Headlock Takedown
Front Weak Grapple [Down + B]: Knee Strikes 03

Front Strong Grapple-
Front Strong Grapple [A]: Trapping Headbutts
Front Strong Grapple [Left or right + A]: Super Shoulder Breaker
Front Strong Grapple [Up + A]: Shoulder Breaker Thrust
Front Strong Grapple [Down + A]: Manhattan Drop
Front Strong Grapple : Sambo Suplex
Front Strong Grapple [Left or right + B]: DDT 02
Front Strong Grapple [Up + B]: Reverse Armbar
Front Strong Grapple [Down + B]: Standing Cothesline
Front Strong Grapple [Analogue Stick]: Kicking Combination 02 [Favorite]

Back Weak Grapple-
Back Weak Grapple [A]: Forearm Smash
Back Weak Grapple [Any Direction + A]: Bulldog
Back Weak Grapple : Multiple Headbutts
Back Weak Grapple [Any Direction + B]: Spinning Back Drop

Back Strong Grapple-
Back Strong Grapple [A]: Surfboard Stretch
Back Strong Grapple [Any Direction + A]: Tiger Suplex Pin
Back Strong Grapple : Big Clothesline
Back Strong Grapple [Any Direction + B]: Full Nelson Suplex Pin
Back Strong Grapple [Analogue Stick]: Burning Hammer [Favorite]

Back Weak Grapple Counter: Counter Elbow Smash
Back Strong Grapple Counter: Counter Groin Kick

Weak Striking-
Weak Arm Striking : Chop 01
Weak Arm Striking [Any Direction + B]: Elbow Strike
Weak Leg Striking : Middle Kick 04
Weak Leg Striking [Any Direction + B]: Front Kick 05

Strong Striking-
Strong Striking : Hard Chop 01
Strong Striking [Any Direction + B]: Spinning Elbow [Favorite]
Strong Striking [A + B]: Jump Round Dropkick 02

Recovering Attack-
Ducking Attack: Low Blow

Counter Attack-
Counter Punch: [D-Pad + B] (Spinning Elbow)
Special Counter Punch: Reverse Armbar
Counter Kick [A]: Manhattan Drop
Counter Kick : Mandara Hineri
Special Counter Kick: Standing Clothesline 02

Walking Moves-
Walking Moves: Generic 01

Running Attack-
Weak Running Attack [C-Down] + : Shoulder Block
Weak Running Attack [C-Down] + [A+B]: Rolling Wheel Kick 01
Strong Running Attack [Any Direction + C-Down] + : Elbow Attack 01 [Favorite]
Strong Running Attack [Any Direction + C-Down] + [A+B]: Clothesline From Hell

Running Grapple-
Running Front Grapple [C-Down] + [A]: Running DDT 01
Running Back Grapple [C-Down] + [A]: Face Crusher 02

Running Ground Attack-
Facing Up: Senton Splash 01 [Favorite]
Facing Down: Senton Splash 01
Sitting Up: Stomp
Sitting Down: Stomp

Evasion: Roll

Upper Body Submission-
Facing Up: Face Stretch
Facing Down: Sitting Reverse Armbar
Sitting Up: Surfboard Stretch
Sitting Down: Camel Clutch
Facing Up [Special]: Triangle Hold
Facing Down [Special]: Russian Neck Drop (It's a stiff head drop. It's Super Dragon. Do the math.)

Lower Body Submission-
Facing Up: STF
Facing Down: Bow and Arrow Lock
Facing Up [Special]: Knee to Groin
Facing Down [Special]: Knee Stomp (For Curbstomp hack) [Favorite]

Ground Attack-
Facing Up: Saku-Fu Stomp
Facing Down: Buchanon Stomp
Sitting Up: Jumping Front Dropkick
Sitting Down: Sak-Fu Stomp (Or the other double stomp. If neither are available, I don't remember, and I like doing movesets from the top of my head... Do the knee drop that leaps up.)

Turnbuckle Attack-
Turnbuckle Attack : Middle Kick 02
Turnbuckle Attack [Any Direction + B]: Chop 01 (Regular, not Hard Chop)
Running Turnbuckle Attack [C-Down] + : Rolling Wheel Kick 01 [Favorite]
Running Turnbuckle Attack [C-Down] + [A+B]: Clothesline L 01

Corner Counter-
Irish Whip to Corner Counter: Boot to face

Tree of woe Attack-
Tree of woe Attack : Low Kick 02
Tree of woe Attack [Any Direction + B]: Dropkick to Knee 01
Running Tree of woe Attack: Dropkick to knee

Front Turnbuckle Grapple-
Front Weak Grapple-
Front Weak Grapple [A]: Big Chop
Front Weak Grapple : Flurry
Front Strong Grapple [A]: Hard Knee Strikes
Front Strong Grapple : Turnbuckle Powerbomb {Favorite]
Front Special Grapple [Analogue Stick]: Super Death Valley Driver

Back Turnbuckle Grapple-
Back Weak Grapple [A]: Forearm Smash
Back Weak Grapple : Forearm Smash
Back Strong Grapple [A]: Super Back Drop
Back Strong Grapple : Super Back Drop
Back Special Grapple [Analogue Stick]: Reverse Frankensteiner

Counter Grapple-
Front Counter Grapple: Rack 'Em Up
Back Counter Grapple: Super Back Drop

Flying Attack-
Standing Opponent: Big Chop
Standing Opponent to outside: Flip Attack 02 (I think... the un-Swanton one )
Standing Opponent [Special]: Flip Attack 02 (Same as above.)
Laying Opponent: Double Stomp [Favorite]
Laying Opponent to outside: Double Stomp [Favorite]
Laying Opponent [Special]: Phoenix Splash

Turnbuckle Inside Attack-
Turnbuckle Inside Attack: Diving Elbow

Turnbuckle Taunt-
Corner Taunt: Taunt 009
Turnbuckle Taunt: Taunt 01

Grapple to Apron-
Weak Grapple to apron: Club to chest
Strong Grapple to apron: Suplex to inside
Special Grapple to apron: None
Counter Grapple from apron: Suplex Reversal to Inside

Rope Inside Attack-
Rope Inside Attack: None

Flying Attack to outside-
Flying Attack: Vaulting Body Press
Running diving Attack [A]: Diving Elbow [Favorite]
Running diving Attack [Any Direction + A]: Rope Flip

Running Diving Taunt-
Running Diving Taunt: None

Rebound Flying Attack-
Rebound Flying Attack: Back Elbow

Apron Attack-
Apron kick to inside: Elbow Smash
Apron kick to outside: Strong Kick

Grapple from apron-
Weak Grapple from apron: Sunset Flip over ropes
Strong Grapple from apron: Suplex to outside
Special Grapple from apron: Powerbomb to outside
Counter Grapple to apron: Suplex Reverse

Flying Attack from apron-
Flying Attack: Dropping Elbow
Running Flying Attack: Running Flip

Flying Attack to ring-
Standing Opponent: None
Laying Opponent: Slingshot Legdrop
Standing Opponent [Special]: Spinning Wheel Kick

Apron Taunt-
Apron Taunt: Taunt 001

Irish whip-
Irish whip Attack-
Irish whip Attack: Dropkick 01

Irish whip Grapple-
Front Weak Grapple [TAP A]: Back Toss 01
Front Weak Grapple [HOLD B]: Monkey Flip
Front Strong Grapple [TAP A]: Samoan Drop 02
Front Strong Grapple [HOLD B]: Twisting Back Breaker
Front Special Grapple [Analogue Stick]: Spinebuster (I dunno, he does it, so I might as well fill this slot too.)

Taunt1: Taunt 110
Taunt2: Taunt 121
Taunt3: Taunt 121
Special Taunt: Austin 01
Ducking Taunt: Hardcore Holly
Celebration Taunt: 110
Entry Way Taunt: None

Double Team-
Double Team Grapple-
Front Grapple: Wishbone Split
Back Grapple: Neckbreaker/Backdrop
Sandwich Grapple: Double Piledriver
Irish whip Grapple: Double Arm Drag

Double Team Attack-
Double Team Attack: Doomsday Device
Attack to outside: Doomsday Device
Attack to ring: Missile Dropkick

Counter Attack: Punching Reversal


Stance: Wrestling
Ring Entry: Normal
Counter/Reversals: Heavy
Speed: Normal
Submission Skills: Normal
Irish Whip Evasion: yes
Recovery Rate: Normal
Bleeding: Rarely
Reaction to Blood: Aggression
Endurance: Strong
Turnbuckle Climbing: Climbing
Jumping Distance: Normal
Specific Weapon: Random


Offensive Strength-
Head: 3
Body: 2
Arms: 3
Legs: 4
Flying: 3

Defensive Strength-
Head: 3
Body: 3
Arms: 3
Legs: 3
Flying: 3

Credit: _^-Markas-^_
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